Рядом с отелем eng - отель "Братья Карамазовы" в центре СПб

Near the Hotel

There are many places of interest within walking distance. Here you may find some of them :


Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater (formerly known as Gorky Bolshoi Drama Theater) headed nowadays by Andrey Moguchy as an artistic director is considered to be one of the best Russian theater.

Maly Drama Theatre - Theatre of Europe. Every single performance of the theater becomes a real cultural event of the city. Here you may admire the play of the most talented modern artists like Danila Kozlovsky, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Kseniya Rappoport.

The Lensoviet Academic Theatre. The theater became famous because of performances directed by Yuri Butusov. Experimental plays with perfect musical arrangement are very popular among young people.

The Alexandrinsky Theatre (main stage and new stage). The legendary theatre is famous because of its modern and innovatory performances directed by Valery Fokin. The oldest Russian theatre decorations will never lead you indifferent. Meanwhile the new stage unique multilevel high tech complex will definitely impress you even more.

The Saint Petersburg Jazz Philharmonic Hall. The fabulous Jazz Hall headed by the Saint Petersburg Jazz founder David Goloschekin is an unique place with its own relaxing atmosphere of old good jazz music and Russian jazz music interpreting traditions. The visitors may spend a wonderful time sitting on the table with fresh drinks and listening to real jazz.

Museums and art spaces

F.M. Dostoevsky Literary and Memorial Museum. Here is the place where the famous whiter F.M. Dostoevsky lived for the last years of his life and where he composed the «Brothers Karamazov» novel. The interiors of the apartment are recreated from the memories of the writer's wife. Currently the museum lives its rich and dynamic life: various tours, exhibitions, theatrical performances are being held.

Loft Project Floors (Etazhy). The building of a former 5-floored bakery, which nowadays houses exhibition spaces, cafes, library, concerts and lectures arrangements. There is also an open-air viewing platform on the roof. The entrance to the roof closes at 23.00 when it is winter time, while in summer the roof is open around the clock. The place is claimed the highest viewing platform in St. Petersburg after St. Isaac's Cathedral.

The Museum of Music and Theatre Art What you are definitely looking for is going to this small museum, located next to the Alexandrin Theatre and the Vaganova Academy, by all means taking your way along the Street of Architect Rossi. The heart of the collection is the marvelous costumes, made in the workshops of imperial theatres as the models and sketches for the famous performances.

The Pushkin 10 Art Center The modern St. Petersburg attraction, implying both the Museum of Informal Art of the second half of the 20th century and the galleries, as well as the workshops of popular artists and musicians. Individual excursions are available.

The Faberge Museum This new private museum, located in the Shuvalov Palace, is based on the works’ collection of jeweler Carl Faberge. Its greatest value is the 9 Easter Eggs created by K.Faberge for the last Russian emperors Alexander III and Nicholas II. The museum conducts a turbulent exhibition activity, Tickets are better to buy online, as the queues along the Fontanka embankment line up greatly long.

To visit with kids

The Carlson House Theatre This place is called pretty, everything is very homey. There are plays for toddlers, teenagers and adults. 3 sites are all located nearby and next to each other.

Aquarium. There are 57 aquariums, 2000 species of fish and 200 species of mammals on the area of 5000 sq.m. The shows with the sharks, stingrays and seals take place every day. Special interesting events for children are also the usual case.

«The theatre of a young spectator» by A.A. Bryantsev The theatre is considered being one of the oldest theatres for children in Saint-Petersburg: 3 stages, more than 50 performances for all the ages and tastes. There are also many plays based on the literature included in the Russian school program.

The Puppet Formal Theatre. A marvelous private theatre for children. The interior feels homely and chambered. Each performance is very not like the others. Children from 3 years old are invited to visit.

Planetarium №1 This new project is implemented in the building of the former gas-holder. Today it is the largest star dome in the world. The place hosts movies’ presentations, concerts, popular multimedia exhibitions. The famous creative space «Lumierre Hall» is located right next door.

Gastronomic life nearby

The main restaurant street of St. Petersburg, called the Rubinstein Street, is located within approximately 7 minutes away from the hotel. It is there where all the delicious food and delightful beverages lovers from all over the city aim. Indeed, you will always be able to choose the place you like the most out of those living their lives there:

Restaurant Sabatoni is probably the most popular restaurant among our guests where you may enjoy tasty Georgian cuisine and delicious European desserts in cozy atmosphere. The best value for money.

Khachapuri and wine. A nice place to visit when you are probably too tired to get to the Rubinsteina Street. Feels cozy, not expensive, provides the guests with a wide choice of Georgian national food such as 9 kinds of different khachapuri. Might look a little cramped, but fairly comfortable.

"Bistrot Le Moujik" A place to be called “very French”. One of many restaurant spots of the famous restaurateur Eric Muradyan. Simply delicious menu is proposed as well as the oysters within the season of their serving.

Bekitzer is an authentic restaurant of traditional Jewish cuisine famous among the youth due to yummy hummus and falafel, nice prices and relaxed atmosphere.

DUO ASIA - is a brand new and highly recommended place with open kitchen decision, modern interior design and sophisticated menu. We advise you to book a table in advance, as it is very popular place.

Interesting places on the map