Additional services


Taxi service/ transfer service

Regular car
(1-3 person)
(4-7 person)
Airport - Hotel 1 500 rub. 2 200 rub (from the airport)
2 000 rub (to the airport)
Railway station - Hotel 750 rub. 1700 rub (from railway station)
1500 rub (to the railway station)


The price is 200 Rub per night

Excursion for our guests

Interindividual excursion is the best way to feel the magical atmosphere of the city and see all main point of interest of St. Petersburg.

Visa support

Visa support service

The price for visa support service is 900 Rub per person
Conference hall

Conference hall for 15 persons

The price for conference hall rent is 1000 Rub per hour

free wi-fi

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is on the hotel's and restaurant's territory. Computer at the lobby is available for our guests.
City and private WiFi service

City and private WiFi service

City WiFi: access to 350 WIFI hotspots in the city /290 RUB per 7 days. You will have access to all those hotspots located in the popular areas of the city: museums, restaurants, the airport, railway stations, theatres.

Private WIFi: personal portable hotspot device that you can connect up to 5 of your gadgets /490 RUB per 3 days.

Baggage room

Baggage room is at your disposal.

St. Petersburg Card

Free entry to 80+ museums and excursions 
St.Petersburg Card for 2 days 3 890 rub
St.Petersburg Card for 3 days 5 290 rub
St.Petersburg Card for 4 days 6 490 rub
St.Petersburg Card for 5 days 7 290 rub